So, You’ve Decided To Buy A Powersports Product!  Your next decision is how best to pay for it?  You likely have options, but here’s one you may not have known about.  When you purchase through Sleds R Us, you have access to a special level of the banks!  This ideal financing has many advantages for you, including:

So, why tie up your hard earned cash?  Keep it for investment opportunities or, heaven forbid, and emergency!  They do happen…

Work With A Pro!

 When it comes to financing, Sleds R Us works with Canada’s largest recreation finance broker, Walker Financial Services!  They are in tune with the banks’ (and in some cases, non-bank alternatives) special programs.  They are happy to discuss your ownership options, no obligation.  This will enable you to obtain a competitive loan package that suits your needs.

Because you never know what’s around the next corner, WFS is able to offer you loan repayment protection providing security to you and your family should an unplanned income interruption occur and extended warranties providing protection for your powersports product!

If you're unsure about your specific needs, a powersports product financing expert can help you navigate that road. They can also complete a loan application with you and get it processed quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours!

By choosing a broker who understands the needs of powersports product owners, you can be sure that your finance plan will fit your budget and your lifestyle. More importantly, you'll be the proud owner of a powersports product that will ultimately be the source of many fond memories.



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Finance Your Powersports Product

Why tie up your hard earned cash? Keep it for investment opportunities or, heaven forbid, an emergency! Here are some more financing benefits: